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by | Jul 12, 2017 | Diocesan News

Missional Leadership Cohort Program


JULY, 2017


Looking for a Continuing Education opportunity that will promote missional thinking and leadership….. Fresh Expressions Canada is offering a Missional Leadership Cohort training program.

See: A program rooted in Canadian context and experience!

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From the Fresh Expressions Website:

In the ever-changing world around us, church leaders must be able to analyze and adapt to an increasingly multicultural, secular and global context. To meet the needs of our day, the Missional Leadership Cohort seeks to help others join in God’s mission by offering affordable and non-residential training that enable leaders to study while remaining in the context of their current ministry.

This course is offered as a one-year training program that involves three, two-day training sessions. With six modules in the areas of exploring the call of missional leaders, introduction to new contextual church, the mission of God, understanding context, developing & multiplying disciples and engaging the world, Those who complete the program receive a Certificate in Missional Leadership. There is also a possibility of transferring credits into a master’s degree program.

Learn More: A program rooted in Canadian context and experience!